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Home Renovations to Complete Before You Move In

Have you ever considered all the things you can and should do before you start planning your move? Once you have set up the moving date and organized all the resources, including packing and long distance movers in Staten Island, it's a great time to plan some home renovations to complete before you move in. The truth is, there are actually quite a few of them! If you don't take the time to do them beforehand, you'll only end up with more work after the move, and nobody wants that. In this article, we'll take a quick look at the home improvements you can do before settling down in your new place.

Before moving into your new home, there are three main home renovations you should complete: painting your walls, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, and installing or refinishing the flooring. These renovations not only increase the comfort of your home but also give you the chance to add some personal touches. While the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 53% of home buyers complete these renovations three months after moving in, it is best to do them while the house is still empty. Doing so eliminates the need to move furniture around and reduces the risk of damaging or staining your belongings. Additionally, it is easier to work in an open space for both moving companies and contractors. Moreover, completing these renovations before moving in minimizes exposure to dust and odors, some of which can be hazardous to your health.

Paint the walls to personalize your home

Painting the walls of your new house can be a cost-effective way to add personal touches to your home. It is a great opportunity to play with colors and create a unique atmosphere. Bold colors like bright red, pink, or green can create a vibrant energy, while white, off-white, gray, and other muted tones can create a calming ambiance.

One advantage of painting before moving in is that you have the freedom to move around as the rooms will be empty. You won't have to worry about moving furniture or covering it with plastic. However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. Without furniture, it can be challenging to visualize the room's final look and select the right color. Additionally, painting can emit harmful volatile organic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, so look for low- or no-VOC paints to minimize the risks to you and your family's health.

Ultimately, the decision to paint before or after moving in depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. Some people prefer to wait until they can see their furniture in place before making a final decision on colors, while others prioritize finishing the painting before the move to avoid the hassle of having to paint around furniture.

Remodel the kitchen and the bathroom

According to the NAR report, nearly half of new homeowners prioritize remodeling their kitchen (47%) and fixing up their bathroom (44%). Upgrading appliances and countertops are popular choices, but don't forget about the fixtures and hardware, which can also have a big impact.

To tackle larger projects like installing new cabinets or countertops, it's best to do so before moving in when the house is empty. The glues and other materials used in these projects often contain harmful chemicals, so it's important to complete these home renovations before you move in. After the work is done, make sure to ventilate your house and consider using cabinets labeled as NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde) for added safety.

It’s time for your home renovations to complete before you move in

The final task to tackle before moving in is the flooring. If the previous owners had carpeting, removing it can be a daunting task. You may need to replace much of the flooring, but sometimes simple refinishing will suffice.

However, before you begin, proper preparation is crucial. Sanding and applying a new finish can release dangerous chemicals into the air, so make sure to open your windows and put up barriers to prevent debris from spreading.

That's why this is also considered one of the home renovations to complete before you move in. With fewer items in the house, there is less risk of creating a mess. Of course, you can do this after moving in, but consider renting a short-term storage unit to keep your belongings safe while you work on your home.

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