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    Serving Staten Island and its surrounding areas, we are here to help. Whether you are moving to a new home, relocating your business, or simply need to transport some goods, we are here to help you make the move smooth and stress-free.

    We understand that moving can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. That's why we offer a wide range of moving services to make the process as easy as possible. Our team of experienced and professional movers is committed to providing you with personalized services that make moving a breeze.
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    Our Moving Services
    When you hire our local Staten Island movers, you will be met with the absolute best customer service while experiencing the most pleasant moving experience.
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    Our commercial moving service will save you money since it will cause the least amount of disturbance to your business.
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    When you hire our local Staten Island movers, you will be met with the absolute best customer service with the most pleasant moving experience.
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    Our short-term and long-term storage solutions are the perfect options for a family or business arranging a complex move.
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    Our Staten Island corporate movers can move your staff locally, long-distance or internationally with ease.
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    When you work with us, what appears to be a complicated transfer is much more structured, and you are ensured a smooth, seamless transition.
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    Long Distance
    Our movers are well-equipped to handle long-distance moves, and the same goes our highly maintained trucks and trailers.
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    You can relax knowing our affordable packing services are all-inclusive, which means we’ll take care of everything!
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    Why Choose Drennan Movers?
    Moving is a personal and emotional experience. That's why our team of professional Staten Island movers is committed to building a genuine connection with you and your loved ones, so we can put your worries at ease. We also know that moving can be a really exciting time for you, no matter what the reason may be. So, whether it's for a new job, a new home, or a new adventure, we want you to feel confident that choosing us as your top-rated Staten Island moving company will always lead to a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
    moving company staten island
    Why Choose Drennan Movers?
    We are professional Staten Island movers and we take the word “professional” very seriously, as you’ll discover as soon as you get in touch with us.

    We take pride in our people and handpick every single person who answers the phone and every mover who shows up to your doorstep. We have also invested heavily in our in-office technology so that no matter who answers your call or your email, everyone is well-versed in your current situation, previous history with the company or any past requests and can easily assist you in the best way possible. While some companies may hire movers and packers from less reputable establishments, we are diligent in making sure that each of our movers and packers undergoes a background check and is clear of any criminal or questionable history.

    Some might consider us to be the best Staten Island moving company because our movers go through a rigorous training program to make sure they are the most careful, safe and effective movers they can possibly be.

    Our office uses state of the art technology so that anyone who answers your call or email will be well versed in your specific situation, status, and needs. We would never send people into your home that we wouldn’t want in our own, so we make sure all of our employees are good people we can trust and confidently stand behind. We like to think that each of our employees will treat you with the same amount of respect and courtesy as their own grandmothers!
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    Why Clients Love Us!
    1. We are a top moving company in Staten Island
    2. We have successfully completed over 1,000 moves.
    3. Your friends have used us. (Just ask them)
    4. Fully licensed and insured.
    5. We know Staten Island like the back of our hand
    Commitment to Our Customers
    Our dedication to customer service is unwavering. We believe in going above and beyond to address any questions or concerns you may have about your move. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly to make things right for you.

    We encourage you to reach out to friends who have experienced our services or to peruse online testimonials to see for yourself just how much effort we put into making every move a success. We're positive that you'll be impressed by what you discover.
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    How We Started
    Joseph F. Drennan, a native Islander, started the business over 80 years ago as “Staten Island Movers,” building an incredible reputation of honesty and integrity the old-fashioned way–by earning it with every move. His sons took the reins and seamlessly continued what their father started.

    Chris and Bill started in the moving and storage business in 1978 with their father-in-law Nicholas Albano, Sr., at Nick’s Moving and Storage. Christopher Galletta and Bill Hehterington acquired Drennan Movers in early 1994.

    What Chris and Bill have done is to take two great family businesses in memory of the men who came before them, who they hold in the highest esteem. “We feel it is our obligation to honor them by keeping with the standards they laid down before us.”

    In a world where marketing and slick ads are designed to attract your attention, and actual service gets lost somewhere between the graphics and the slogans, Drennan Movers thrives on providing its customers with constant consideration and excellence. We truly care.
    moving company staten island
    Local Moves
    When it comes to moving, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why it's essential to choose a local moving company that can cater to your specific needs. Whether you're moving to a new home, relocating your office, or need help with packing and unpacking, Drennan Movers is here to help. We offer a range of moving services to suit every situation, from local moves within Staten Island to long-distance moves across the country. Our team of experienced movers will work with you to create a customized moving plan that fits your schedule and budget, ensuring a stress-free and seamless moving experience. Trust us to handle your move, no matter what the situation may be.
    Long Distance
    As Staten Island’s exclusive agent for Wheaton Worldwide Moving, we can handle your move to any point in the USA or World Wide! Our moving and storage services begin well before the truck arrives and lasts long after the final box is unpacked. You’ll find friendly, helpful people ready to listen and answer your questions about moving every step of your relocation.

    Drennan Movers has proven time and again that trust is essential to a successful moving experience. Entrusting life’s memories to Drennan Movers is a promise of customer satisfaction.
    moving company staten island
    Don't Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs.
    The crew assigned was pleasant, helpful and very experienced. And, when one of the crew became ill, Bill, the owner, stepped in to take his place. Our move lasted all day and into the night and the men never complained... A day filled with anxiety was made extremely manageable by this extraordinary team of people. 
    Nanette Taccetta
    July, 2022
    The guys who came to help me move were great! I had some furniture I needed to remove from my apartment and move into a storage unit. They were in and out under 2 hours. Roy and Michael were super polite and helpful. The guy we spoke to on the phone understood the urgency of the move and was able to help us out.
    Christina B
    September, 2018
    Circumstances required 3 nearly consecutive moves managed by Drennan Movers including a baby grand piano. The work ethic, attention to detail and care... was exceptional. The management of all of the moves by Bill was outstanding. Customer service and satisfaction really separates this moving company from others. 
    Theresa V
    December, 2019
    Roy, Frank, Ken and Paul were exceptional and fun to work with. Special shout out to Billy who estimated the costs and time involved pre-move. The team was careful, fast, thorough, and compassionate. What could very well be a stressful experience went smoothly and painlessly on both ends. Our furniture and stuff arrived in great shape.
    Michael W
    May, 2018
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    Staten Island's Choice for quality moving services for over 75 years
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